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Beer is almost as old as human civilization. One can imagine primitive man at a wooly mammoth barbeque enjoying a hearty brew. The oldest beer recipies are on clay tablets that date to 5000 B.C.

Types of beer

Ales are beers brewed with top fermenting yeast.
Bocks are strong, full-bodies lagers.

Lagers are beers brewed with bottom fermenting yeast.

Pilsner is a general term for golden, highly hopped lagers.

Porters are dark ales made with roasted, unmalted barley.

Stouts are very dark, heavy ales.


The brewing process begins by heating a mixture of grain and water to produce mash. The grain is then removed from the mash to create wort. The wort is boiled and hops are added to give flavor and aroma. The wort is cooled, and yeast is added to begin fermentation. The yeast eat the sugar in the wort and convert it to alcohol. After fermentation is complete, the liquid is now beer.




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