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Who are these drunks?


We've been on the net for some time now, and our previous email address got picked up by spammers from across the world. We've been offered every type of penis pump and natural dick enhancer, stock tips galore, and every other spam email you can think of.

Frankly, we're sick of it--the people who scour the internet looking for email addresses to send their crap to should be locked in a 8' x 8' cell with nothing to eat but the real SPAM for the rest of their lives.

In the mean time, we've switched email addresses, and we're not posting it here in a link format. You can reach us at theguys(at) If you need help deciphering that, it's time to hang up your internet connection.

How much were you drinking when you decided to start Manlyweb?

A fair amount. came about one afternoon as we were sitting at one of our local college watering holes, drinking beer, eating wings, and admiring the waitresses. We thought that there were far too many wimps on the web. Worst of all are these so-called "men's sites" that offer a bunch of fashion and relationship tips. It's like they took Cosmo and put a different name on the cover. Real men do not want articles on what hair gel to use, or how to make sure that their girlfriend's cat likes them.

We set out to create a web site for real men. Men who do their own engine work. Men who don't just read it for the articles. Men who know that good whiskey doesn't need to be mixed with anything.

We don't have a single article about hair styles, relationship advice, or this year's men fashions. Manlyweb is dedicated to providing news and information for real men, not some crap about whether it's appropriate to wear loafers with a suit.

All content on Manlyweb is the exclusive property of, all rights reserved. No articles, information, pictures, or descriptions may be reproduced without the expressed written consent of

So again, who are these drunks?


Pete pops a few rounds off USS Fife just to keep the fishermen on their toes Peter

Weeks when there are few updates usually mean he's off helping keep the free world safe from commies and hippies.


Tony is constantly developing our next promotional stunt or contest. As soon as he remembers one the next morning, we'll let you know.

Tony usually drinks MGD, but when at spring break you gotta go with the flow

Greg stops for a quick meal before his next 48-hour driving stint

Running a complex operation like MANLYWEB requires a vast amount of supplies. Occasionally Greg is sober enough to deliver them.


Andy is our resident sports "expert"--when we can keep him out of the sportsbook.

Andy in the dugout at Jacobs Field, trying to decide if the Indians are a good bet.




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